Wonderfully Well, LLC

“I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”

Jamie Marchetti used Psalm 139:14 as inspiration for her new business, Wonderfully Well. She is a licensed dietitian who is looking to provide a common-sense approach to nutrition counseling, to help people break free from the restrictions of diets.

“I want to help people stop obsessing about their bodies, so they can do bigger and better things with their lives,” she told our Energizers at her ribbon cutting on Thursday.

Instead of fasting or fad diets, Jamie wants to help people learn intuitive eating, which is to listen to their bodies, so that they can begin eating “what feels good and tastes good.” Instead of “militaristic” exercise regimens, she provides “fun ways to move your body.” How long it takes to learn to listen to your body varies from person to person. She recommends that clients see her at least twice a month for maximum effect.

“Any time you put external rules on your body, your food, your exercise, it gets harder to do. That’s one of the biggest risk factors for binge eating, is restriction,” Jamie says. “Our bodies don’t follow rules.”

If you are interested in booking a session with Jamie, you can visit her online or give her a call at (307) 686-7445. Wonderfully Well is located at 2001 W Lakeway, Ste E, in the same building as Above The Line CPAs.




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