WEDA Legislative Update for the week of March 3

Key dates this week:

Thursday, March 5, 2020 Last day for bills to report out of committee in second chamber

Friday, March 6, 2020 Last day for bills to report out of Committee of the Whole in second chamber

HB 134- Wyoming Tourism Account Funding will go back to the house for “concurrence” this week and should be signed by the Governor shortly.

Bills WEDA are supporting:

Governor Mark Gordon recommended a flat budget for the Wyoming Business Council biennium budget. With a new director and a fresh strategic plan, holding the line on Wyoming Business Council funding by protecting the Governor’s recommendation is one of our top priorities. The Business Ready Communities program has been beneficial to all 23 counties across Wyoming and is a vital community program. The Joint Appropriations Committee has proposed a $2.5 million cut to the Business Ready Communities program in their recommended budget.

Status- The house and senate are working to iron out any differences on the biennium budget and the work will be done by conference committees this week. Because the house and senate versions of the WBC budget differ a conference committee will be assigned to work out the differences and we will report the final outcome as soon as it is available.

HB 151-Economic Development Large Project Loans-Amendments
Modifies the large loan-funding program to make it more useable.
Status-passed the house and awaiting introduction in the senate.

SF 57-Local Government Distributions
Provides a $105 million distribution to local cities, towns and counties.
Status- passed the senate and house committee. Will be heard on the house floor this week.

SF-93 Wyoming Works-Application
Clarifies the application process and eligibility for the Wyoming Works program.
Status-passed the senate and will be heard in House Education Committee this week.

Bills WEDA is monitoring:

HB 47- Local Sales and Use Taxes
Would allow an election to make the fifth penny tax permanent in  floor this week.

HB 74-Small Modular Nuclear Reactor Permitting
Would authorize the permitting of small modular nuclear reactors and would allow them to replace coal generation capacity.
Status-passed the house and introduced to Senate Corporations Committee

HB 142-Agriculture Marketing Funds-Processing Plants
Provides support for Wyoming meat processing plants for export
Status-passed the house and introduced to Senate Agriculture Committee.

HB 217-Wind Turbine Blades
Would prohibit disposing wind turbine blades in landfills and would require them to be reused, recycled or repurposed.
Status-passed the house and introduced to Senate Minerals, Business and Economic Development Committee.

SF 36-Large Scale Solar and Wind Energy Facilities
Creates additional regulations for wind and solar projects as well as permitting and standards requirements for solar projects.
Status- passed house and will be heard on senate floor this week

SF 132-Wind Energy Facilities-Military Approval
Would require military approval of wind energy project planning and zoning before construction.
Status-passed the senate

Bills that have died:

HB 179-Electricity Generation-Taxation
Would tax solar produced energy at the same level as wind. This is a bill to watch closely as there is speculation that this could be used as a vehicle to increase the tax on wind generated energy as well.

HB 242-Wyoming Learning and Work Program
Establishes the Wyoming Learning and Working Program and provides for students to take career technical education programs while working.

HB 246-Made in Wyoming
Would require any products made in Wyoming that received any state funds for the project to possess a made in Wyoming or made possible by Wyoming sticker on its packaging.
Status- passed house and will be heard on senate

SF 59-Government Property
Would limit local public participation in economic development projects by forcing the sale of public buildings or lands that are not held for a “governmental purpose” after 10 years. The bill specifically excludes “business parks and other economic development properties” from being governmental purposes, and would also mandate the sale of other community owned facilities.

SF 100-Business Ready Communities Program-Amendments
Would codify and adjust many of the BRC rules (percentage of loans to grants, interest rate, minimum percentage of revenue recapture, etc.) in statute.

SF 103-Community Development Districts
Would have allowed the formation of community development districts to fund public infrastructure.

During the session you can contact a legislator to leave a message by calling the Senate receptionist at 307-777-7711 or the House receptionist at 307-777-7852.




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