WBIF Supports New Microbrewery Bill

The Wyoming Business & Industry Federation has shifted from “monitoring” to support of House Bill 158, in regards to Microbreweries. This bill would alter Wyoming Statutes regarding microbreweries to include more than one location of a microbrewery as one location:

Authorize a microbrewery to operate at more than one (1) location. The local licensing authority may require the payment of an additional permit fee not to exceed one hundred dollars ($100.00) regardless of the number of locations authorized for the microbrewery. All locations shall be subject to all provisions of this title related to the operation of a microbrewery.


The bill has passed its third reading in the House:

Ayes: Representative(s) Barlow, Blake, Brown, Burkhart, Burlingame, Clausen, Clifford, Connolly, Crank, Dayton-Selman, Duncan, Eklund, Eyre, Flitner, Freeman, Furphy, Gray, Greear, Haley, Hallinan, Harshman, Henderson, Hunt, Kinner, Kirkbride, Larsen Lloyd, Laursen Dan, Lindholm, Loucks, Macguire, Miller, Newsome, Nicholas, Northrup, Obermueller, Olsen, Paxton, Pelkey, Piiparinen, Pownall, Roscoe, Salazar, Schwartz, Sommers, Stith, Sweeney, Tass, Walters, Western, Wilson, Winter, Yin, Zwonitzer

Nays: Representative(s) Clem, Edwards, Jennings, Simpson, Styvar, Washut

Excused: Representative Blackburn

The WBIF has also started tracking SF105- Concealed weapons permit renewal- military duty.

HB134- Wyoming tourism account funding will be discussed in Senate Appropriation committee starting February 25.




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