Summer Starting to Heat Up Campbell County

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Yesterday the mercury nearly reached the century mark, with the high on Wednesday at 99°. Today the National Weather Service is predicting a high of 95°, and while that’s not quite a record-breaker, either (in 1936, the record for July 5 was 102°, for July 6 it was 107° in 1981), it’s going to stay pretty hot this weekend, with temperatures in the high 90s.

If you’re going out adventuring this weekend, make sure to pack plenty of water and sunblock!


The temperatures aren’t the only thing to worry about. A ban on open burning goes in to effect Friday at 12:01 a.m. The partial ban will prohibit outdoor burning on private and public lands, though trash fires will be allowed in a container overnight, and charcoal grill fires will still be allowed. Here’s a complete list of exceptions to the burn ban, released by the Campbell County Fire Department:

  • Trash or refuse fires between 6 p.m. and 8 a.m., inside containers with a spark arrestor and located in a cleared area 10 feet in radius
  • Charcoal fire within enclosed grills
  • Use of acetylene cutting torches and electric arc welders in cleared areas 10 feet in radius
  • Propane or open fire branding activities in cleared areas 10 feet in radius
  • Chainsaws, provided that they have properly working spark arrestors
  • Law enforcement officers taking part in fire or emergency activities
  • Fireworks displays coordinated with the Campbell County fire warden

The ban is enacted by Campbell County officials and will remain in effect until it is rescinded by the board of commissioners.




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