Mayor Carter-King Speaks at EPA Listening Session

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During yesterday’s EPA Listening Session at the Gillette College Tech Center, many local and state officials spoke about the repeal of the Clean Power Plan. Representative Scott Clem, Senators John Barrasso and Mike Enzi, and Governor Matt Mead were all in attendance, along with Gillette Mayor Louise Carter-King.

Below is the full transcript of her statement.

“Thank you for allowing me to speak to you today on such an important topic.

Clean, affordable energy is important to everyone. Coal helps to provide that to millions of people throughout the world. Those that say that coal cannot be burned cleanly continue to ignore the history of coal-fired electricity. Whenever an issue with emissions from coal-fired power plants has been identified, science and engineering have solved the problem. Sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide were identified as sources of pollution. Today they are no longer an issue.

Now carbon has been identified as an issue. But this time instead of looking at it as a problem, it is being looked at as an opportunity. Research will be done right here in Campbell County to find economically viable uses for the carbon that can be removed from the slipstream of coal-fired power plants. In a few short months, some of the top minds in the world will begin developing real-world solutions to the carbon issue at the Integrated Test Center. Scientific innovations, time and time again, have solved the issue of the day. The issue of carbon emissions is no different.

The Clean Power Plan in its current form would stifle that innovation. Instead of allowing research and innovation, it would create an unnecessary barrier by imposing overreaching and harmful governmental regulations. A major part of the success of the Integrated Test Center will be the potential economic gain from the technologies that they develop. As more regulations are heaped on the coal industry, the return on investments in clean coal technology decreases.”




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