Hunting in Campbell County

Welcome, Hunters!

The Chamber does not keep records of private landowners who allow hunting on their property. Game Wardens do not maintain a list either, and neither does the Campbell County Visitor’s Center and Convention Bureau.

If you have a smartphone, you may be interested in downloading the onX Hunting App. (Please note that the free version of this app does not let you access maps offline.)

If you are looking for specific Bureau of Land Management maps, your best bet is to try Rocky Mountain Discount Sports. If you are not from the area, it is advisable to find an Outfitter to help guide you.

However, the Campbell County Assessor’s Office makes it possible to search local areas for hunting, and lists landowner information.

By visiting the Assessor’s website, you can search properties by map, owner name, or street address. 

1. Click on Property Search 
2. Read & Agree to the disclaimer (if you don’t, it won’t allow you to proceed to search)
3. Choose Selection Criteria: Search by Last Name, Company Name, Street (Physical) Address or Legal Description (Enter as little information as possible due to the system being particular.)

  • Search by Owner Name: Provide only the last name. If you don’t know how to spell it, then only provide the first few characters or company name.
  • Search by Street (Physical) Address: NEVER include “N”, “S”, “E” or “W” (North, South, East or West) and, if the street address is a number, such as “410 W 4-J”, use 410 Four J.
  • Search by Legal Description with Quarter/Quarter, Section, Township & Range: Enter only the Section, Township & Range such as; NESESW Section 32, Township 49 North, Range 69 West, enter 32 in Lot/Sec box, enter 49 in Block/Township box, enter 69 in Range box (do not enter NESESW).  This will pull up everyone in Section 32, Township 49 & Range 69.

The next screen, “Select Parcel to View,” will only appear if you have the correct criteria in the area you searched.  There will be list of “Parcel” numbers in gray boxes. You can only see the partial legal descriptions, so you will need to click on each parcel number, and if it is not the correct “Owner” or “Legal Description,” you will need to click on back to go back to your search list. Continue by selecting and inspecting each parcel until you find the parcel number or owner name of the area you are interested in. 

You can then use the Online Mapping System to research the areas & see if this is the correct area you are looking for.

1. Read & Agree to the disclaimer.
2. A new window will appear with the Campbell County, WY Online Mapping System:

  • Search Tool (Binoculars w/ World): You can Search by Parcel Number, Schedule Number, Owner Name, etc.
  • In the Search Tool, use Parcel Identify, Place Point to what area you want to identify. A box will appear with Parcel Info of who owns that area.  The Owner(s) Name, Mailing Address, Acres, Parcel Number (Long PIN Number), and Schedule Number will appear.

There is also the Wyoming Statewide Parcel Viewer website that can be used to find hunting areas outside of Campbell County.