Human Resources Help for Wyoming Businesses

Navigating the new laws and legislation around the coronavirus has many small businesses and nonprofits in Wyoming looking for help. While some organizations have their own HR Departments, many do not. A large number of small business owners or and nonprofit leaders in the state run their own Human Resources in-house. Many do not have resources readily available to assist with areas such as paid time off, HR policies and other employee issues.

At Align, we recognize these concerns and are committed to helping. We have coordinated with a network of human resource professionals from across the state and created an HR ‘hotline’ email address. Those small businesses or nonprofits who email [email protected] can ask HR experts for advice or ask to be connected to a human resources specialist. Our incredible volunteers are available to help answer your questions, give referrals and direction, as well as listen to your concerns.

We are all in this together and our goal is to provide as much as assistance and information as possible.
Begin using the email address today.

Let Align help you get connected to Human Resource professionals statewide and provide you the information and resources you may need during the COVID-19 crisis.

NOTE: These are HR professionals from across the state who are volunteering a small amount of their time to help you. If they feel like you will need more help than they can provide, they may refer you to other resources or to an attorney for additional support. The initial support is free, but we may have to refer you to paid resources depending on the question or issue. Align is only the coordinating entity and while we have a network of knowledge experts to tap into, it is your responsibility to ensure that their advice is relevant to you and best for your situation. We do not guarantee any services or that we can help in all cases but will do our best to provide guidance and support.




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