GOC Seeking Public Support for Senate File 55


Chamber Member (and winner of the 2018 Award of Excellence for Small Business) Gillette Optometric Clinic, sent the following in regards to Senate File 55, Optometrists Practice Act Amendments:

“We are contacting you today because we want you to be aware of important changes the Wyoming Legislature is considering regarding the procedures that we can provide you or your family here in our offices.  You may have heard on the news there has been a debate in the State Capitol on what we are trying to accomplish with supporting changes to the Wyoming Optometrists Practice Act.

Through the Wyoming Optometric Association, we asked the legislature to study advances in the practice of optometry through the Legislature’s Joint Labor, Health and Social Service Committee.  After about a year’s worth of work the committee drafted and sponsored Senate File 55, Optometrists Practice Act Amendments.

The legislation recognizes that Doctors of Optometry deliver essential components of patients’ overall primary health that goes beyond prescribing glasses or contact lenses.  Current curriculum being taught in accredited optometry schools across the country and for which current Doctors of Optometry receive during continuing education has made significant advances.  However, we have not been able to use these new advances in Wyoming due to limits in state law on what services we may provide for your eye health.  These limits have not been looked at in 25 years.

Wyoming Doctors of Optometry currently provide 98% of eye care in 21 counties in Wyoming.  Allowing the updates to our scope of practice to include procedures we are trained in will improve patient care and patient access.

We strive to provide you with leading solutions and the best available procedures which keep your eyes healthy.  Our request to the Legislature has been simple, let your local eye doctor provide you with the quality eyecare services for which we are trained.  Passage of original Senate File 55 will help us accomplish those goals.

We need your help and the Legislators need to hear from you as citizens.  They need to hear that you support original Senate File 55 which will allow us to provide you with the best eye care we can with the most updated and safe procedures for which we have been trained and certified.

Thank you,

Dr. Roger L. Jordan, OD
Dr. Joseph L. Fischer, OD
Dr. Joseph C. Maycock, OD
Dr. Ashlee Mills-Fischer, OD
Dr. Melissa M. Younger, OD”

You can voice your support for the bill online here, or contact one of your local Senators and ask that they support the bill.




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