Deb Robbins shares: Why the Chamber?

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The Campbell County Chamber of Commerce has several volunteer committees that members can be a part of. One of the most visible is its Board of Directors, which oversees the Chamber’s yearly budget, as well as its direction year-to-year.

We asked one of our Board members, COO Debbie Robbins, why she chooses to volunteer her time with the Chamber of Commerce.

“Upon returning to Gillette, I wanted to be involved in the community in a way that impacted the growth and culture of Gillette.  The Chamber seemed a good fit on both fronts. My business had been a member of the Chamber, but not involved with activities. I thought it was time to learn about what I could do to give back to my community.

“I didn’t realize how broadly the Chamber was involved in so many aspects of our community.  They work collaboratively with governmental organizations, but also many boards and committees. I have also learned more about our legislative process by being a part of the Chamber Board.”


I am Chief Operations Officer for Peregrine Global Services. Peregrine Global consists of Peregrine Leadership Institute, started in 2004; Peregrine Academic Services, started in 2009; Peregrine Pathways, our book publishing, started in 2017 and our newly formed Peregrine Global Foundation, just recently approved by the state of Wyoming in 2018. I joined Peregrine in 2010 as a company owner. I have two business partners, Olin Oedekoven and Laurel Vicklund.
“In my time volunteering for the Chamber, I hope to ensure we address current issues that impact our local businesses. I also hope to expand our networking capabilities, and bring affordable education and training to our members, so they may grow in their businesses.

“Being on the Board has given me a different view of our community concerns, which allows me to see where my business might be helpful in areas I had not considered before. For example, working with staff on the Innovate & Grow Conference, allows me to educate small business owners that I might never reach otherwise.

“In my discussions with family, friends, and business acquaintances, I see how they can benefit from the Chamber’s advocacy, education and support. I encourage businesses to be a part of the Chamber to help grow their visibility in the community and expand their networks.”




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The Campbell County Chamber of Commerce offers its members opportunities to market and promote their business, provides business education and development, advocacy and representation, and networking.

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