CyberWyoming Alerts: Census Bureau (what’s real)

The US Census Bureau DOES have some valid email floating around out there and the actual US Census Bureau is trying to get information from business via email requests.  Please note that this is valid, but be aware that hackers may pick up on it and try to imitate the real emails and send you to malicious links.  So, our advice would be to go directly to the US Census Bureau’s website and still not click on any links if your business is asked to participate in the survey.  Here’s the info.

The US Census Bureau is not Emailing the Average Resident: For the 2020 Census counting, the government will mail you information, or deliver information to your door. Then, door to door counters will begin.  The census schedule has been pushed back because of the coronavirus. There are no coronavirus questions on the 2020 Decennial Census.  However, the US Census Bureau has started a small business and household pulse survey to track the changes to business during the pandemic.  If you receive an email about this, go directly to the site to take the survey.  Be aware of links that could be in scammer emails copying the actual US Census email. All communications from the Census Bureau regarding the Small Business and Household Pulse Surveys, including all emails and the link to the survey, will originate from a domain.




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