Commenting on Wright Area Coal Leasing Now Open

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The Bureau of Land Management High Plains District Office is releasing the Wright Area Coal Leasing 10th Circuit Court Remand Draft Environmental Assessment for a 30-day public comment period. The BLM values input from stakeholders and the communities we serve, and we will consider input we receive during this comment period as we finalize the EA.

BLM Wyoming is preparing this EA in response to a 2017 District Court order requiring the BLM to revise its original environmental analysis of leasing coal in the North Hilight and South Hilight fields in Campbell County, Wyoming, in the Powder River Basin.

The BLM issued a decision in 2012 approving leasing in both areas, and subsequently leased the South Hilight Field. The North Hilight Field remains unleased. A 10th Circuit District Court decision determined that in its analysis, the BLM did not properly consider the decision’s impacts to carbon dioxide emissions, so the BLM is reviewing and revising its analysis to account for the market effect and carbon impacts of leasing the coal. Through its multiple-use mission, the BLM strives to support economic growth and responsible energy development in balance with other important uses of public lands.

The Draft EA is available for review at the following link: The BLM is accepting comments on the Draft EA for 30 days, through Sept. 1, 2018. Comments may be submitted by mail to Bureau of Land Management, High Plains District Office, Attn: Sarah Bucklin, 2987 Prospector Drive, Casper, WY 82604; or online at

All comments, including personal identifying information, may be made publicly available at any time. The BLM will not consider anonymous comments.

Questions may be directed to Sarah Bucklin, Project Coordinator, at 307-261-7541.




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