Cloud Peak’s Michelle Butler Shares Why She Supports the Chamber of Commerce

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The Campbell County Chamber of Commerce has several volunteer committees that members can be a part of. One of the most visible is its Board of Directors, which oversees the Chamber’s yearly budget, as well as its direction year-to-year. ​

One of our Board members, Michelle Butler, has been volunteering with the Chamber since 2017. She has two daughters, Kamryn and Kennedy, and her husband works for the City of Gillette. She shares with us why she supports the Chamber of Commerce:

“I’ve always thought highly of past and present Chamber board members, and Cloud Peak Energy has been a strong supporter of the Chamber for many years. The Chamber staff are incredibly professional and I’ve seen the influence the Chamber can have on issues that are important to our community and Cloud Peak Energy’s business, so I was excited to get elected to the board!


Michelle Butler has been the Manager of Public Affairs and Community Relations for Cloud Peak Energy for over 6 years.
“I think it’s really important to educate our members and the community on the ability and success of the Chamber when it comes to advocacy. The support we’ve seen over the years from the Chamber in terms of advocating for the coal industry is incredible. I want our members and the citizens of Campbell County to understand the role the Chamber can play, and has played, in advocating for issues that matter to our community and businesses.

“Before being on the Board of Directors, I didn’t realize how much the Chamber did. Beyond the ribbon cuttings and gold bucks, there is so much more to the services and support that the Chamber provides. I do my best to educate members and the community on the great things the Chamber does for Campbell County. Cloud Peak Energy supports a number of programs in the area and encourages our employees to get involved as well.

“Cloud Peak Energy greatly benefits from having a voice at the table. The network the Chamber has provided with regard to exposure of industry issues and supporters has made a significant impact on our business.”




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The Campbell County Chamber of Commerce offers its members opportunities to market and promote their business, provides business education and development, advocacy and representation, and networking.

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