Carbon Valley™ in Campbell County

(From our friends at Energy Capital Economic Development:)

California has Silicon Valley; Powder River Basin (PRB) now has Carbon Valley™ thanks to a trademark being awarded to Energy Capital Economic Development. Carbon Valley™ is a term that has been used locally by our economic developers to describe a goal of turning Campbell County into the go-to spot for carbon research, development and new businesses.

Atlas Carbon was a great first step towards Carbon Valley™. The company produces premium-grade carbon products from Powder River Basin coal using a new process they have patented. Using PRB coal makes this easier because it is high quality and affordable.

The Integrated Test Center (ITC) is another exciting addition. ITC is a public-private partnership whose goal is to develop commercially viable uses for carbon dioxide emissions from power plants. TDA Research will be the first company to utilize the test facility to test its novel hybrid carbon capture process that uses membranes and solid sorbent technologies.

With funding finally in place, the Advanced Carbon Products Innovation Center (ACPIC) is poised to be the next big step for Carbon Valley™. ACPIC will be a dedicated location for developing Advanced Carbon Product technology and businesses. It is hoped that construction will be completed on this facility by the third quarter of 2020.

It is hoped that Carbon Valley™ will be a mix of commercial manufacturing facilities, test facilities and businesses with new technology proven at these testing sites. Since the PRB coal will be used as a raw material, the businesses would not be directly minerals related and would not experience the boom bust cycle. This will help stabilize the economy while still creating a demand for coal as a raw material to help keep existing coal mines in operation. Phil Christopherson, CEO of ECED says that “As we take charge of our own economic destiny, Carbon Valley is a very positive and important step forward. The future “Carbon Valley™” will be a leader in diversifying Campbell County’s and the State of Wyoming’s economy.”




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