Board member Brent Byrd shares: Why the Chamber?

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The Campbell County Chamber of Commerce has several volunteer committees that members can be a part of. One of the most visible is its Board of Directors, which oversees the Chamber’s yearly budget, as well as its direction year-to-year.

We asked Board Treasurer Brent Byrd, of Collins Communications, to share why he chooses to volunteer his time with the Chamber of Commerce.

“I was able to begin serving with the Chamber as an Energizer, and from this role saw the work the Chamber was doing to promote local businesses, as well as educating and advocating for the unique business community that is Campbell County, and I wanted to be a part. Previously I did not fully understand ALL that the Chamber does to help our local businesses. We have a very unique economy in Campbell County, and that is reflected in the diverse businesses that make our community. The Chamber does an amazing job of understanding each business and strives to find unique ways to help each of them to succeed.


I have been with Collins Communications for over 6 years now. Collins started as a small two-way radio shop in Gillette in 1964, and has grown into a communications company providing internet, phone, life safety, IT, surveillance and security systems.
“With my time on the board, I hope to listen to our local businesses and find ways that we can help them to succeed in our community, making them as a business – as well as our community – stronger. By serving on the board I have been able to get to grow in my personal understanding of the business environment of Campbell County.  This has helped me better understand my customers, and allows me to find the right solutions that we offer that best benefit them.

“I personal choose to advocate for the Chamber by serving as an Energizer, representing publicly the Chamber to our business community.  I also utilize the relationships I have built in our community, to help the businesses that I work with to understand what is available to them through our local Chamber.”



About The Chamber

The Campbell County Chamber of Commerce offers its members opportunities to market and promote their business, provides business education and development, advocacy and representation, and networking.

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