Battling Mosquitoes in Campbell County

A letter from the Town of Wright:

“As there has been much discussion around Town about the mosquito population that has emerged over the last two weeks, I wanted to take a moment to give details as to ‘Is the Town going to spray for mosquitos this year?’ question.

We did start treatment during the last week of March. Campbell County Weed and Pest provides the Town with briquettes designed to last 180 days. The recent, VERY wet spring that we experience leaves a LOT of standing water, which are breeding grounds for mosquitos. Starting as early as we did this year, no doubt, has decreased the numbers, however we are only able to treat what is on our property.

Mosquitos can and do travel 1-3 miles in search of food/you. There are a LOT of acres in our perimeter expanding out to that distance! The briquettes that were placed in March are still active for the pupae, and larvae, but do not work on the adults. Those will be working well in to July, and if retreatment is necessary, we have invested in more than is needed, and can retreat as needed.

Spraying adulticide is the next step as the mosquitos become more prevalent. This started in the last week of May. This kills the adults that have traveled in Town, but only kills the ones that are here. As mentioned in the article from, if they are here, they will find a breeding ground in gutters that are holding water, tires, tarps, anything laying on the ground creating standing water. Creating the need for more treatment, and more irritation from the mosquitos.

Rest assured we are doing everything possible to eliminate their presence! It is an ongoing battle, and we would suggest a potent repellent to avoid the contact! It is a battle we know we will not win, but we are doing what we can!!!

Rick Hale
Public Works Director
Town of Wright”




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