2020 Legislative Principals

The new year’s legislative principals have been written and approved by our Business Advocacy Committee. Copies of the Legislative Principals and the 2020 Legislative Directory will be available at Eggs & Issues on January 28 at the Campbell County Senior Center. Our breakfast starts at 6 a.m.

Business advocacy is a major focus area for the Campbell County Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber provides a forum where individuals from various business and industry groups can work in partnership to identify and resolve business and community challenges.


The Chamber’s Advocacy and Legislative Principles represents a thorough review of the potential issues and challenges facing the Campbell County Chamber’s more than 670 business members.  The collective thoughts of the Chamber’s Business Advocacy Committee are compiled and approved by the Board of Directors.  Principles are used by the Chamber’s staff and leadership to communicate the Chamber’s business positions to policymakers. The principles are focused on upholding the basic foundations of capitalism to ensure that Campbell County remains a great place to live, work and do business. The Chamber strongly believes these principles help to create a strong, thriving economy for local businesses.



The Chamber supports:

  • continuing efforts to maintain water quality through credible data monitoring and local implementation efforts.
  • efforts supporting reversal of the WOTUS (Waters of the United States) Rule.


The Chamber monitors:

  • policies impacting private land ownership that negatively impact the agricultural community.



The Chamber supports:

  • economic development programs that enhance and leverage existing and new businesses.
  • value-added incentive programs that benefit existing businesses, while aiding in business recruitment and workforce development.
  • improvements to the business environment for emerging and small companies in Campbell County.
  • legislation that encourages private industry growth and investment.
  • Legislation to enhance cybersecurity efforts.


The Chamber opposes:

  • use of taxpayer dollars to create government competition with the private sector.


The Chamber monitors:

  • contractor preference laws that support businesses who invest in Wyoming and hire Wyoming workers.


The Chamber supports:

  • structural reforms to bring education closer to the communities served, promote autonomy and entrepreneurship, and create a world class education system.
  • funding to maintain existing school facilities to accommodate current student population needs.
  • use of existing facilities and funding new facilities when necessary to best accommodate and maximize student and community needs.
  • ensure adequate career and technical education such as healthcare, skilled trades, and computer science curriculum to meet business training needs.


The Chamber supports:

  • legislation that enables the state of Wyoming and Campbell County to be a leader in the research and development of advanced energy technologies including carbon capture and sequestration, coal gasification, and coal as a sustainable energy source.
  • local and state engagement in the permitting of port terminals/facilities for the export of coal.
  • permitting processes employing advanced technologies in the production of oil and gas.
  • state efforts opposing federal actions negatively impacting the energy industry.


The Chamber opposes:

  • any increases in mineral severance taxes and federal mineral royalty fees.


The Chamber monitors:

  • alternative energy legislation that potentially increases the cost or availability of electricity generation.



The Chamber supports:

  • affordable and available access to health care and affordable health care coverage for businesses and their employees.
  • improving access and funding for mental health and prevention resources for businesses and their employees.
  • policies and efforts to keep healthcare services in Campbell County in an effort to strengthen the local healthcare economy and receive services from local, high quality providers.


The Chamber monitors:

  • health care issues that pose significant financial and workforce challenges to the membership and health care providers.



The Chamber supports:

  • tax policies and efforts that balance revenues with prudent fiscal spending.
  • efforts to reduce regulatory burdens on business such as:
    • access to rights-of-way,
    • redundant regulation at city, county, and state levels,
    • streamlining and reducing permitting costs.
  • collaboration with industry and local government on tax issues.


The Chamber opposes:

  • policies that shift excessive tax burden to the business community and measures that increase business liability exposure.
  • regulations that create an excessive burden for business.


The Chamber Monitors:

  • 1% Tax dollar spending



The Chamber supports:

  • funding for the Wyoming Office of Tourism.
  • efforts to pass a statewide lodging tax.



The Chamber supports:

  • prudent and proper use of Abandoned Mine Land funds for communities with direct impacts from mining operations.
  • legislation that addresses comprehensive plans and funding for infrastructure development to aid local business, such as:
    • sufficient air service,
    • new highway and road construction, and maintenance,
    • continued funding for construction and repair of road infrastructure.
  • continued funding of state infrastructure grants.
  • development of technology infrastructure to expand connectivity opportunities for business and industry.



The Chamber supports:

  • workforce development programs that sustain or create livable wage jobs in Wyoming.
  • funding for all levels of educational entities focused on training and skilled-employee recruitment.
  • sustained appropriations for the workforce training grant program.



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